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Providing food is one of the noblest professions in the world. But its not just good food that makes a restaurant successful. The other most important success factor for a restaurant is ambience. People want to feel good while eating good. We take into account various important factors like exquisite color combinations, interesting furniture shapes, ceiling patterns, and elegant floor designs. Just like McDonald's color combination - It is yellow and red, because yellow depicts eagerness and red is for passion but a combination of both colors portrays eagerness to satisfy hunger.

Restaurant interior designing is not a small process as it is directly connected to the end customer. While designing a restaurant following factors are important to keep in consideration -

Demographics - Who are your clients? What is their age group? How much is their spending power? What is the majority?
Based on this study one can interpret what kind of restaurant can do well in a given area. If it is a standard family restaurant, you can go along with standard cosy interiors. But if you wish to introduce an expensive establishment for the niche segment it is important to spend lavishly on luxurious interior designs.

Image - If you are an existing restaurant owner, you need to analyze what kind of image do you have in your customers mind and then think if that is the image you want to portray. If not, it's time for a brand image makeover. This is where a restaurant interior designer comes into play. Ask his expertise on selecting a new theme for your restaurant and don't forget to share your views and suggestions because after all it's your business.

Location - It plays a very crucial role in designing both the interiors and exteriors of a restaurant. Colours and themes that look great in a restaurant in Goa are not going to look as good on restaurants in Shimla. Certain colours and themes look and work better in sunny and warm climates while a totally different combination of colours and themes would work like a charm in a cool climate.

At we try to deliver that extra something that gives our client that extra edge so that he can always stay ahead his competitors.
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