Hotel Interior Design

Service and standard are the two most important things that help in distinguishing a good hotel from a bad one. Our interior designs offer the establishment an attitude similar to its name. After all good names are not made big in a single day. We offer different themes, ambience, and upscale standard room décors, fully advanced lobby areas, theme restaurants, spacious lounges, ball rooms, discotheques and receptions. All our solutions are exclusive and tailor made as per the requirements of client.

When it comes to hotels, the clients have numerous hotel interior design options. They can either go for a normal look that goes with almost every hotel or they can stand out by choosing a theme and sticking to it.

If you choose the normal theme then the main focus would be to keep everything simple but very cozy and welcoming. If you decide to go for a theme, then you need to take advice from a hotel interior designer about the kind of theme that would be feasible according to your location and budget.

The hotel interior designer would work according to your provided theme and budget to create a perfect blend of style, comfort and originality. A good hotel interior designer will have selected suppliers of furniture suppliers, linens manufacturers and lighting equipment manufacturers to cater client's needs.

At, we try to address all your hotel interior designing needs. We provide you information about various new chandeliers, wall hangings, wallpapers, linens, furniture, shades, accessories and much more.

Start with an idea, how you want your hotel to look like, what kind of client's needs you want to address, how do you wish to be different from your competition and what is your budget for the whole process.

Break the whole process into set of tasks with the help of your hotel interior designer. Determine the scope of work and try to stick to the plan. Keep consulting with your hotel interior designer and keep exchanging your ideas and opinions with him. With our suggestions of selected items, you can get that perfect look that you always wanted but thought is not possible. Believe us, perfection is possible.

Lobby Decor

What do you think is the most important thing that your guest will notice when they visit your hotel? Of course it is the lobby. It is the welcome site for your guests. Hence, you should take great care to make it extremely warm, happy, welcoming and full of life for the guests. Guests would definitely expect a nice "welcome" when they reach your hotel. One of the best things you can do in this regard is to hang varied pieces of exotic artwork in the lobby. You can even scatter these artworks throughout.

The pattern will depend on the amount of space you have in the hotel lobby and the existing décor. Contemporary fine art is a great way to give a warm feeling to your guests. Adding beautiful plants, cozy chairs, decorative table, floor rugs, and a beautiful a lamp will make your hotel lobby a perfect place to welcome guests. The furniture must go well with the colors of the paintings. Remember that a lobby is the "first impression" of a hotel. So make good efforts to decorate it.

Guest Rooms Decoration

Of course, your hotel guest rooms must be comfortable, welcoming and exquisite. The guests should feel pampered and special while living in these rooms. There are several ways in which you can make guest room interior decoration of hotel special for your guests. Depending on the space and shape of the room, you should decorate these rooms with exquisite watercolor paintings, acrylic and silk. This will be extremely comfortable for your guests. You can even incorporate furniture for children and other accessories based on the kind of space that you have. You may also go for theme based decoration for guest rooms of your hotel.

Hotel Interior Decor for Restaurant

In case, your hotel accommodates a restaurant, you need to come up with something great for it too. This is the best way to keep your guests enjoying the delectable stuff that you serve here. Try decorating the walls with beautiful paintings, unique furniture, etc.

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