Casino Interior Design

We create and design a comprehensive range of exclusive wooden cabins.

Our designs add beauty and ambience to workplace which contributes to the "feel-good" factor and eventually enhances work efficiency of people.
There are a number of factors to keep in mind while designing a cabin -

Space utilization - while designing a Cabin it is very important to keep in mind how many cabins the client requires in the office and then on the basis of the available area cabin interior designer decides the shape and other dimensions of the cabin. The main aim of the cabin interior designer is to accommodate more cabins in a given space without making it crowded.

Ventilation - It is very important for a cabin interior designer to acknowledge that an employee would be spending most of his office hours in that little space and therefore should have access to properly ventilated environment.

Durability - As much as the cabin design is important for an employee, it is equally important for the company. The cabin design should be in sync with the theme of the rest of the office. Apart from the aesthetics it is also important that the cabins are durable and should be able to handle wear and tear for a long time.

Maintenance - Everybody like their working place to be clean and welcoming in the morning. Therefore while designing a cabin it is very important to use such a material which is easy to clean every day. is a leading information provider in designing cabins that suits the clients preference, requirements and layouts. The cabins are designed and finished by highly efficient team of interior designers, architects and civil engineers.

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