Bar Interior Design

A bar is an integral part of a hotel interior design. This is also the reason that most hotel owners are ready to spend a lot of money on designing a bar. The design and project management of hotel bar is given to an experienced bar designer. There are different designs approved for day and night bars.

Since bar is the major highlight of a hotel, it is built carefully by a skilled designer. Many different shapes can be used for the purpose such as circular shapes, semi-circular shapes, natural bars and a lot more. Usually a hotel owner is given many options by the designer to choose from for the basic bar interior design. The design and other elements of the bar are finalized after a meeting conducted between the bar designer and hotel owner. The specifications of the owner and utilization of the bar area is kept in mind prior to sanctioning a design.

Numerous things are included in to the bar area. The basic purpose is to make the area attractive and practical for the guests. For instance the main bar interior design is decorated with modern style minimal décor, unique ornamental finishes, lighting, cozy atmosphere and a lot more. The seating arrangement is done in a way to offer excellent comfort to the visitors. The idea is to create a trendy yet comfortable seating arrangement. The lighting is designed carefully. The focus is given on creating an ambience that is flexible enough to be used for daytime and evening. Other fabulous elements are also included in to the bar such as a DJ booth that compliments the decor, trendy toilets, accessories, seating with LED spotlight capping and a lot more.

Here is some of the most common hotel bar interior design ideas used by decorators to make the space special: Straight-Bar Design

This is a basement bar design. It is also known to be the simplest designs available for hotels decoration. This bar design has less space available for the sink over the top. You would also find a foot rest towards the stool side. The gutter area is where you can mix drinks.

Keggar-Bar Design

This is also known to be one of the most popular bar designs available for hotels. It is designed in a way that the clients get a feel of two L-shaped bars joined together. It would look like a square that is cut and used. The bar interior design comes with a lot of space to accommodate useful things such as a beer keg and refrigerator.

L-Shaped Bar

This is a typical basement bar design. It is shaped just like the letter 'L'. The materials used are of premium quality. The design is really famous among top hotel owners due to the attractive design and practicality of the bar. The bar is user friendly and makes a great choice for all.

Monster Bar

This is a huge bar interior design that can easily hold ample seats, a huge space for the drinking area, a keg, beer gutter and a lot of other basic and advanced features.

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